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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

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Saturday, June 21, 2014: 

The Pond was alive with rising fish this morning.  In between minor gusts of wind the fish were rising to Baetis spinners and late morning Callibaetis spinners came out in force.  A few Green Drakes were present as well but were largely ignored by the trout.  Your Stream Keeper matched the surface activity with a #18 BWO Hatchmatcher and a #14 Callibaetis Hatchmatcher.  Any day now we are going to see significant hatches of Callibaetis duns on The Pond.  Try fishing the north side of The Pond, starting your float from the picnic table by the newly dredged “North Channel” and ending at the hand rail by the Dam.  Reports are that the Field water has been fishing well, too, with Baetis and Pale Morning Duns being the main culprits.  There are rumors of Trico sightings on the Nature Conservancy Preserve.  

The current variety of aquatic insects present on Silver Creek demonstrates the importance of being observant.  It makes sense to spend a couple of minutes identifying what insects are present and what bug is actually the focus of fish before tying on a particular pattern.  With the forecast for continued hot days and the low level of the Creek, we can expect an early emergence of the Trico mayfly.  Also, when the wind is down it is critical to fish a sparsely dressed fly and to attach a light tippet on your leader.

Doug Andres

Stream Keeper