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July 30TH Double R Fishing Report "Aliens"

Wednesday, July 30, 2014:

Aliens . . . . 

Last night down here in Picabo we had the first significant rain storm since my arrival back in April, about a half inch.  My immediate thought was that it would result in some good Baetis fishing whether the morning was overcast or sunny.  I was bummed that I would not be able to fish because my truck was in the shop overnight getting a new U Joint installed.  Around Noon I spoke with some Members who had experienced an epic morning where the trout were keyed on black bodied male Trico spinners and Tiny Blue Winged Olives.  They both landed a number of plus 18 inch Brown trout.  Of greater interest to me were the two Aliens they encountered late morning.

The first unusual critter was the Sulfur mayfly which I have seen last year and the season before, though not in fishable quantities.  The Sulfur generally has a yellowish body with an orange tinge and pronounced blue wings and is about a size 20.  It is present in good quantities on the three Livingston area spring creeks and may be found on the Conservancy water, but not often on the Ranch water.  I read up on this mayfly several years ago and learned that it requires colder water than we’ve had below the Dam.  However, now that the bottom release capability has resulted in a 4 degree drop in water temperature. I have felt that in a couple of years we may well have fishable quantities of an exciting new summer mayfly.  So, I was thrilled to learn of the first Sulfur sighting of the season and am hopeful that we will see more of them this season and in the future.

The Members also saw a small stonefly-like insect with a brown body and opaque double wings.  My sense was that they had witnessed a flight of termites which I had run into a couple of seasons ago at the beginning of August.  It happened just one day.  Like everybody except the most prepared (or insane) angler, I didn’t have a termite pattern on hand but I scored very well that day on a peacock bodied cricket imitation.  Until I lost both of my cricket flies I landed a half dozen fish up to a 21 inch Brown trout in an hour.  

This just goes to show that you never know what you will encounter on the Double R Ranch water and that one needs to keep one’s eyes open!