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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

Picabo Angler is a destination: A full-service fly shop & outfitter located on the banks of world-renowned Silver Creek

July 5TH Double R Fishing Report

Saturday, July 5, 2014:

The wind continues to be frustrating, at least for your Stream Keeper.  Yesterday, I arrived on The Pond mid-morning and found it calm with fish rising everywhere.  However, no sooner did I launch my float tube and get into casting distance of several large trout and the wind picked up, putting the fish down and making the presentation difficult.  I spied a rather large pig rising in the two foot margin of glassy water right up against one of the new islands and cast to that working fish for a half hour.  The monster refused once then nosed my #14 Callibaetis Hatch Matcher.  Then a trout took my fly but it turned out to be a mid-sized Rainbow.  Fish were rising sporadically in the “chop” and in retrospect I feel good about landing 3 trout.  Adding insult to injury as soon as I got out of my waders the wind slacked off and the trout resumed rising.  Sometimes it is like that’ actually, more often than I care to remember.  That’s June on Silver Creek.  

I spent the evening with Nick Purdy monitoring the 200 pound pig that we roasted on the gigantic rotisserie.  Don’t miss today’s Member’s Barbecue.  Cocktails, beer and wine starts at 4:00 p.m.  Shortly thereafter there will be a sporting clay competition followed by a dinner of roast pig and roast beef.  Bring a side dish, salad or dessert.  We will be dedicating the new dam and the Pond Project.  Dancing will round out the evening.  

Doug Andres

Stream Keeper