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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

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Monday, July 7, 2014


This is a time where one needs to get out on the field water of the Double R Ranch early, that is, if you want to see bugs, fish dry and encounter working fish.  Each morning when I look out the door of my trailer I see hordes of White Miller Caddis hovering over the creek; the masses are largely gone after an hour and a half.  Depending on where you are on the Ranch water, you might encounter isolated fish taking really small stuff, such as Trico spinners or Tiny Blue Winged Olive spinners and duns.  It’s usually over by 10:30 a.m.  One caveat is the gathering evening flight of White Miller Caddis . . . if the wind is not blowing.

The Pond is a different animal.  Fish are generally rising so long as the wind is not blowing.  It can go on, with ebb and flow, all day and sometimes after dinner.  Check your weather report.  I use weatherunderground.com, which has an hourly report feature.   


At the Members’ Barbecue your Stream Keeper launched his Silver Creek Willow Project, the goal of which is to plant streamside willows and native trees along the Double R stretch of Silver Creek.  

Generous Members donated $1,000 in cash and I received $2,000 more in pledges.  That will buy us 100 five gallon buckets of rooted willows (or native trees).  

Next Spring before opening day of trout season we will be planting 5 gallon pots of rooted willows along the east bank of the Ranch water from Beat #6 all the way down to Beat #1, and elsewhere as contributions permit.  

Mature willows and other woody vegetation:  (1) stabilize the stream bank; (2) provide shelter for trout; (3) moderate water temperature by shading the creek; (4) reduce sediment runoff; (5) favorably influence nutrient processing, specifically nitrogen; (6) and create wind breaks which benefit the angler.  

Native trees shade the water, break the wind and create buffers between the creek and adjacent agricultural lands .  

According to the Nature Conservancy’s report entitled, Silver Creek Watershed: An Ecological Enhancement Strategy for Silver Creek, Idaho, re-vegetating the riparian zone is the best passive strategy for achieving long term benefits to the ecosystem and its fishery.

An information sheet and car window decals are available at the Sign-In Wagon.  

Members who made pledges can direct their pledge payments to Doug Andres, Stream Keeper: (1) by leaving the payment inside the Stream Keeper’s trailer; (2) by flagging down his bright orange pickup; (3) by calling him at 503.939.7657 to make arrangements; or (4) by mailing cash or check to Doug Andres, General Delivery, Picabo, ID 83348.  

You can purchase a 5 gallon bucket of rooted willows or a native tree for $30, or four buckets for $100.  All sponsors will receive a snazzy car window decal.  

Any Member who donates $200 or more will receive a dozen “Hatch Matcher” dry flies tied by your Stream Keeper . . . . !  Members who donate $300 will receive two dozen “Hatch Matcher” flies, etc.

Doug Andres

Stream Keeper