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October 22, 2015

October 22, 2015


I was really looking forward to fishing today as it was my last session of the 2015 season since I have to leave Picabo this Saturday. As luck would have it, I enjoyed a comfortable day as it was warm, sunny without a cloud in the sky. The water surface was like “glass” as there was no wind until about 2:30. I fished Beats 9 and 8, and also spent some time fishing the slight bend right at the entrance to Beat #7. When my float started I tied on a variant of the Pheasant Tail nymph. How many PT variants are there anyway? This one had a lot of sparkle built into the thorax and abdomen, plus it had a brown Zelon shuck about the length of the hook shank. I hooked 3 and landed one Rainbow and one Brown. When I got to the end of Beat #9 I was offered a ride but saw a bunch of fish swirling subsurface in Beat 8 and I just had to do it so I turned down the ride. Of course, I didn’t touch a fish the rest of the float! So, I am leaving before the weather turns to true fall conditions and thus am probably going to miss the Mahogany Dun hatch whenever it comes off.


I am thankful for my third season as Stream Keeper. We got a lot of things accomplished, including:

  • With funds contributed by Members and your Stream Keeper, we planted 518 five gallon buckets of four varieties of rooted willows at suitable habitat from Beat #10 down to Beat #1.

  • I purchased a dozen Golden Willows as shade trees and they were planted at the four picnic tables on the lower field water and two picnic tables on the south side of The Pond. Next season I will place a bucket and a “Please Water Me” sign at each of the tables so that members can keep the shade trees watered during their first growth season.

  • We installed 3 new boardwalks and a half dozen new handrails to improve access. Donnie Hodge and some ranch hands renovated some of the old rail fences. Over the winter I will be designing two new boardwalks to replace the two handrails on the south side of The Pond.

  • During the off season our next stream restoration project will take place. We will bring the boat dredge back and clear out the silt on the opposite side of the creek from the beginning of Beat #7 down to the bottom end of the island at Beat #6, and behind the island as well. The project is not yet fully funded so we would appreciate any donations that our generous members can afford. I’ll be donating my winter poker profits to this exciting project. It has been years since we’ve been able to fish behind the island.


After three weeks in Oregon your Stream Keeper will drive his trailer down to Biloxi, Mississippi, to play poker with the southern boys. Actually, it’s my intention to park the trailer at an old RV park on Dolphin Island, Alabama (an hour east of Biloxi), which has a nice white sand beach and a fishing pier. It is only a half hour west of Pensacola where I have a great guide for fishing the fly to Redfish, and I’ll be fishing three days with Roger Sanger. I’ll just drive to Biloxi every other weekend and stay at the casino where I play poker. I plan to meet my sister in Las Vegas on February 5 and intend to play poker there for 2 weeks. Then I will return to Oregon for 6 weeks to have a new prosthetic foot built before returning to Picabo by the middle of April.


I hope to be more productive this winter as far as fly trying is concerned, as last winter I didn’t tie a single fly until I arrived in Picabo in April. I have put together an overly ambitious list for this winter:

  • The Rene Harrop mayfly series.

  • Callibaetis and Trico Hatch Matchers.

  • Baetis, Callibetis and “Rusty” spinners.

  • Pheasant Tail soft hackles, #14, 18 and 20.

  • Pulled Down CDC Winged Parachutes for Baetis & Mahoganies.

  • Mick Halvorsen’s Callibaetis “Duck Butt Dun.”

  • Mick Halvorsen’s Baetis “Duck Butt Dun.”

  • Hackle Stackers for Baetis (olive and gray) and Tricos.

I’ll be happy if I get half the list tied!

If you have any ideas for improving Double R fishing, or complaints, please give me a call (503.949.7657) or pop me an email at dougandres.whenpigflies@gmail.com.   

Have a good winter. I look forward to seeing you next season.

Doug Andres, Stream Keeper