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Double R Fishing Blog by Doug Andres

May 21, 2015


This cold snap and overcast weather have caused the Callibaetis to retreat but we have experienced some thick hatches of black bodied midges, so bring along a Griffith’s Gnat or other dry midge pattern. We’ve also seen some small Baetis on cloudy afternoons. The trout and their rises are spread out over the field water and on The Pond. My sense is that these hatches will hold until the warmer weather arrives on Tuesday when it will become more likely that the angler will run into Callibaetis, stronger Baetis activity and possibly Pale Morning Duns. I also would be on the lookout for The Return of the Drakes, that is, Green Drakes (if they established themselves in the field water last spring after hatching for the first 6 days of the season).

Take advantage of the new access structures on The Pond. We’ve opened up the “south” channel of the Pond by installing a 20 foot boardwalk over the shallow pond so that you can now launch your tube at the top of the south channel and float down to Beat #16 (just below the Gazebo). There are new handrails if you prefer a shorter float. We have installed additional handrails and a new boardwalk just above the dam so that you can float the entire “north” channel.

Make use of the stretch downstream of The Cabin, i.e. from Beat #1 down to the metal bridge below Bud’s place.  Right below the bridge on river left we’ve installed a new boardwalk. This means that you can float from Beat #1 past the three houses and exit onto the new boardwalk, hop the new rail fence and walk back to the corner of the Cabin property, pass through the green metal gate and walk 20 yards to your vehicle. Alternately, you could launch at Beat Zero, exit at the boardwalk and walk back to your car. 

Check out the 263 willows that we planted 3 weeks ago between Beat #6 and Beat #2.  Again, thank you for your contributions to the Silver Creek Willow project.

Don’t hesitate to drop by my trailer, call me on my cell phone (503.939.7657) or send an email: dougandres.whenpigflies@gmail.com. 

I will do my best to post daily entries on this blog.

Doug Andres, Stream Keeper.