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August 19, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2014:


The “tough” fishing continues to haunt us on the Double R Ranch field water, as it is on the Conservancy and below Highway 20. Each morning there is a cornucopia of insects hatching on just about every numbered “beat”. . . . Tricos in spots, Baetis including the “Pistachio Dun,” Callibaetis duns and spinners, some midges and the occasional Pale Morning Dun. But, the trout continue to have “lock jaw.” I fished with a Member today and she had only two “takes” and no genuine hookups, despite us tying on 9 Trico and Baetis patterns, a Callibaetis Hackle Stacker and a beetle. The hatches seem to be coming off later and later each morning, perhaps a harbinger of Fall Fishing to come. The guides are already having their clients casting grasshopper patterns although I have only seen immature grasshoppers jumping from under my feet as I walk through the streamside grass. Some anglers are taking trout on dry damsel patterns. If you by chance figure the puzzle out, please brag to me!


When the weather cools down seriously at the end of the summer there is an isolated hatch of a species in the Baetis family which either Bob Turzian or I named the “Pistachio Dun.” One usually does not encounter the Pistachio Dun until September but I saw them on the field water two days ago and a guide told me that they are hatching on parts of the Wood River. So, beware and be observant. I’ve seen this rather striking mayfly on the Double R and also a couple of hundred yards above the Picabo Bridge, so you could encounter it anywhere on Silver Creek. 

The Pistachio Dun looks like the usual Baetis except that the body color is a bright pistachio color and it is a rather large BWO. I fish a size 18. Just about any dry BWO pattern will work during this hatch as long as it bears a pistachio hue. For dubbing I use the “Caddis Green” Professional Dubbing put out by Trout Hunter/Rene Harrop. I tie my Pistachio Dun with a light colored wing so that I can easily see the fly. My favorite design involves wings fashioned from pulled down white CDC with medium dun hackle tied parachute style.

Hook:             Daiichi 1110 or standard dry fly hook.

Tail:                Light or medium dun Microfibbets (or similar tailing material)

Wings:           Pulled down (reversed tied) CDC, white or light dun.

Hackle:          Grizzly or medium dun Whiting 100 saddle hackle (or similar)

Tip:                 After fly is completed, apply head cement to wings for durability.

Doug Andres

Stream Keeper