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August 24, 2015

August, 24, 2015:


We are definitely in transition here on Silver Creek. To my observation the morning Trico hatch is just about over although I have received reports of an isolated emergence here and there on the field water of the Double R Ranch. Yesterday around 10:00 a.m. I encountered some #18 Callibaetis that managed to hatch despite the persistent morning breeze (which continues to determine whether any hatch will come off). I managed to land 4 fish by casting a #18 Hackle Stacker with a cream body, a black thorax and grizzly hackle. I don’t know what mayfly that particular version of the Hackle Stacker pattern was designed to imitate because over the winter I made the mistake of sticking all of my store bought Hackle Stackers in the same fly box along with other delicate, sparse flies.

I also encountered a few “Pistachio Duns,” Baetis with a lime green body the color of pistachio nuts, but the fish were not very interested in my imitations. Soon, they will be.

There weren’t many Members on the Double R this weekend so if you like solitude, come on down and ruin it for the rest of us!

Last night I fished to a hatch of black bodied male Trico duns. I’ve never fished the male duns before, probably because during Trico season I fish so early in the morning that I don’t have the energy or back strength to fish in the evening. But, fortified by pain medicine I was able to make an evening float and encountered a dense hatch. Early on the fish were small, in the 6 to 8 inch range, which was annoying but indicted the health of our creek. As the clock wound down to 8:00 the big boys began to show themselves. Initially I had concluded that the fish were taking caddis subsurface so I tied on a Pheasant Tail soft hackle and ran it in front of what I thought were trout bulging subsurface. Then I saw the male duns on the water and by that time it was too dark for me to rebuild my leader and tie on a No Hackle, so I retreated to my trailer and wondered whether in the morning I would remember to pack a head lamp in my float tube. 

Doug Andres, Stream Keeper