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Sepember 8, 2015

September 8, 2015:


The Pond was a riot today, starting around 10:00 a.m. and ending when the wind came up strong at 2:00 p.m. Fish were rising everywhere. The dominant insect was the Callibaetis, mostly spent Spinners but a few Duns here and there. Baetis spinners also made an appearance but I am not sure that the trout were taking them. The big fish were out to play. The Hatch Matcher and the Hen Winged Spinner worked for your Stream Keeper.

I received a report that both Callibaetis and Baetis were present on the field water, with the trout focused more on the Baetis spinners than the Callibaetis.

I fished a bit on Thursday although my primary mission was to hammer stakes in where the ranch workers will be planting 255 five gallon buckets of rooted willows when they arrive in early October. This planting will focus on: (1) several stretches along the east bank from Beat #6 down to Beat #2; (2) several stretches on the “road side” of the creek from Beat #7 down to Beat #6; (3) several stretches on the “opposite” side of the creek from Beat #10 down to the neck of the peninsula above the access to Beat #8. The vendor has also agreed to replace the 50 willows which did not leaf out after planting this spring.

By the time I finished my staking the breeze had come up. I tied on a rather large realistic looking ant, about a size 14, and drifted it over holding spots along Beat 8 and at the beginning of Beat #7. I was amazed at how effective the fly was in the wind. The pattern is far from durable as the fish removed the plastic legs, leaving a mere hook with a bit of remnant foam. I’m sure that I have no more of this fly in my inventory. Nevertheless, I landed 4 trout including a 17 inch Rainbow.

The primary key to fishing these days remains the wind, and the action is not starting until 9:30 or 10:00 a.m. Each evening and morning I check the wunderground.com website. Click on the 10 day forecast and run your cursor over the wind graph which will give you the wind speed and direction on an hourly basis. I find it to be very accurate unless the site is using the weather station at the West Magic resort rather than at Timmerman Station.


While a stiff breeze may often kill the hatch or at least eliminate the fun of casting to visibly working fish, the wind can also open up some opportunities and dictate a change in tactics.

  1. You can often get away with a larger tippet.

  2. One can fish a fly with a larger profile, sometimes a larger fly, sometimes a more “bushy” fly.

  3. Fish will often sit along the banks without showing themselves so blast the bank and edges of weed beds.

  4. Be sure to cast to the calm margins created by the wind and the transitional areas.