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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

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April 30, 2016

April 30, 2016.

With Opening Day just a month away, Nick Purdy and your Stream Keeper are intensely preparing the Double R for arrival of our Members. This will bring you up to date.

The dredging project has been completed and the trout have already moved into the deepened stretch beginning at Beat #7 and extending down around the back channel of the island into Beat #6. On most April afternoons this stretch is the center of trout rising to midges.

We have taken steps to improve access on The Pond and the field water. Two new short boardwalks with steps have been installed on the south side of The Pond so that anglers can drift from the 20 foot boardwalk installed last year at the upstream end of the South Channel down to the water by the irrigation gate. In the field water at Beats 8 and 9 we have replaced the deteriorating plywood and installed a non-slid overlay. To address the difficulty of getting out of the shallow and silty field water below the Sign-In Wagon, we have installed two short boardwalks that are for exit only; now, one can easily float from the Gazebo Bridge down past the Sign-In Wagon, fish the great holding water where the creek widens and easily exit at the new boardwalk upstream of Beat #11.

Your Stream Keeper has created several new handouts (Terrestrials, Green Drakes) and has revised prior handouts (Blue Winged Olives, Pale Morning Duns, Callibaetis, White Miller Caddis, Mahogany Duns). These handouts can be found on the rack by the door inside the Sign-In Wagon.

Additional gravel has been deposited on the road paralleling the field water. Please keep your speed down to 5 mph.

The Sign-In Wagon and Gazebo have been cleaned and are awaiting use by Members. Throughout the season I will be updating members via this blog and the “Stream Keeper’s Board” on the wall inside the Sign-In Wagon.

Doug Andres

Stream Keeper, Double R Ranch