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May 7, 2016

May, 7, 2016

Stream Keeper’s Top Ten “Must Read” Books

(In No Particular Order)

Over 30 years your Stream Keeper accumulated an extensive library of fly fishing, entomology and fly tying books. However, the space limitations of trailer life forced me to jettison the bulk of my collection. My current focus is on fly pattern books and entomology reference works. If I were required to clear the shelves to just ten books to read this season, it might be the following:

Learning from the Water, Fishing tactics & fly design for the toughest trout, Rene Harrop

Tying & Fishing Soft Hackled Nymphs, Allen McGee

Western Mayfly Hatches, From the Rockies to the Pacific, Rick Hafele & Dave Hughes

Mayflies, An Angler’s Study of Trout Water Ephemeroptera, Malcolm Knopp & Robert Cormier

Caddisflies, Gary LaFontaine

Mastering the Spring Creeks, A Fly Angler’s Guide, John Shewey

Selective Trout, A Dramatically New and Scientific Approach to Trout Fishing on Eastern and Western Rivers, Doug Swisher & Carl Richards

Hatches II,  A Complete Guide to Fishing the Hatches of North American Trout Streams,  Al Caucci & Bob Nastasi

Tying Emergers, Jim Schollmeyer & Ted Leeson

Micro Patterns, Tying & Fishing the Small Fly, Darrel Martin

Tricos, A Practical Guide to Fishing and Tying Tricorythode Imitations and Related Patterns, Bob Miller

The Art of Tying the Wet Fly & Fishing the Flymph, James E. Leisenring & Vernon S. Hidy, 1971

A River Never Sleeps, Roderick Haig Brown

Spring Creek, Nick Lyons


            The White pelican has arrived in force on Silver Creek and area waters. Yesterday, there were over 50 pelicans down here in the Picabo valley. I ran them off the Double R several times but they return every day. Idaho Fish & Game has funded a temporary position for a “Hazer” to dissuade pelicans from forage flights on Silver Creek but is having difficulty hiring. The minimum qualifications are 18 years of age, a driver’s license and no felony record. IDFG is even making lodging available at Hayspur Fish Hatchery. If you know of a qualified person, please call your Stream Keeper at (503) 939-7657 and he will forward the information to IDFG.

Doug Andres

Stream Keeper, Double R Ranch