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August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016


I really loath damsel flies. Not because it is fairly “blind” fishing, not as bad (in my mind) as hopper fishing. Rather, because at this time of year the emergence of damsel flies immediately diverts trout attention away from Tricos, my very favorite hatch of the season. This morning was the classic situation. The Tricos were out in force, the trout were in pods, and I had finally selected a fly that drew 3 “takes” from the fish including a brute of a trout. Suddenly, however, I noticed growing numbers of damsels. Fifteen minutes later the damsels were everywhere and the trout lost interest in the masses of spinners on the surface and opted for chasing damsels. A lot of anglers welcome this as relief from the frustration and challenge of Trivos fishing. To me, casting during the Trico hatch is like approaching the red headed beauty in a singles bar. The attraction is the challenge.

The Trico continues to be the dominant hatch day in and day out on the Double R Ranch. It starts early morning but not before the wind dies down. It might start at 7:30 or not until 9:30, depending on the wind. Lately, you might also encounter Blue Winged Olives or Callibaetis (generally spent spinners) later in the morning. Now you are sure to be presented with damsels in distress everywhere.

I have been wondering where all the spent Callibaetis spinners have been coming from. Last night I got the answer. A friend and I fished from 7:15 p.m. until dark. As we exited at the top of Beat #6 there were literally thousands of Callibaetis duns floating by us. The trout were not taking them at all, probably because the wind had come up. I have never seen so many Callibaetis on the Double R Ranch stretch of Silver Creek, not even on The Pond last season. It would be a great place to fish oncalm evening.

Doug Andres, Stream Keeper, Double R Ranch