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August 11, 2016

August 11, 2016

What a difference a day makes!

I’ve probably told all of you Members at one time or another that my favorite mayfly hatch involves the Trico, or you get that clear impression from my blog. I like the challenge and, like all of you, I get skunked at least once or twice this time of year. But, then, there is the occasional sweet morning (hopefully more) when the Fish God shines the light on you. It seems like it has to be Divine Intervention because left to my own devices I am not consistently successful. But there is nothing in the middle. I seem to have either great mornings or extremely frustrating mornings.

The other day I caught a strong Trico spinner fall which had the trout going berserk. Not just nuts . . . totally berserk. I had 9 fish break off the 7X leader to which was attached my friend Tom’s version of a Trico Sparkle Dun, featuring an elongated shuck and an oversized light tan elk hair wing for visibility. Hey, I admit that the first three trout broke me off because I snapped the rod up when I saw the take. But, on the next 6 breakoffs I did not so much as move the rod an inch. The fish were that big and that aggressive. Finally, I managed to hook one fish which I actually landed, a 20.5 inch Brown trout. Just hooking that fish securely erased the frustration of breaking the other 9 off, at least after two days of berating myself.

Today I was either on my game or the fish had swallowed a Stupid Pill. They do that once in a while, about as often as I drink a cocktail. I landed 9 trout including a pair of 19 inch Browns, on the same fly. I lost a much bigger fish which ran down into my backer twice before dragging my leader into the roots of streamside brush. It could have been a two footer. I would have stayed out and fished the rest of the Trico hatch but I had to pee something fierce. I know, TMI. But, don’t we all fall prey to that situation? It was a most satisfying morning, the most productive of this Trico season. I named the fly the “Lampl’s Killer Trico.”

Which morning do I treasure the most? It’s a toss up between a morning when I landed a large Brown and broke off 9 more, and a session where I landed 9 fish and lost the biggest fish of my season. I’m sure that I will cherish the frustrating morning more as time goes by.

For this coming weekend, you can assume that the Trico hatch is continuing on the Double R Ranch. Its strength will vary each day, and will vary depending where you are. It is the proverbial luck of the draw. No one spot is really more dependable or consistent than another. The past three mornings, early on, there has been an emergence of some relatively large Blue Winged Olives, about a size 18 if not a tad larger. We are still seeing a quantity of spent Callibaetis spinners each morning, as the Callibaetis appear to be coming off in the evening at points on the Double R Ranch. I’ve seen some rising fish on The Pond, so don’t fail to check it out.

Doug Andres, Stream Keeper, Double R Ranch