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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

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Soft Hackles

February 18, 2016

Allen McGee’s new book on soft hackles flies.

Last spring a dozen Members attended a program at the Picabo Store put on by Allen McGee, a friend of mine whose research, fly design and book writing focuses on soft hackled flies. A substantial portion of his presentation concerned flies and other material contained in Allen’s new book, Fly Fishing Soft-Hackles: Nymphs Emergers and Dry Flies, Stackpole Books 2017.

Fly fishers who are looking for new and more productive fly patterns will benefit greatly from Allen’s new innovative masterpiece which ventures into the realm of tying particular stages of specific aquatic insects, rather than the traditional generic ties one commonly encounters in the neighborhood fly shop. Anglers who tie their own flies over the winter will find a wealth of creative and original fly patterns, offerings that Silver Creek trout probably have never seen before. Those who prefer to buy their flies will get their juices flowing just by reading Allen’s thoughtful prose and insights into the feeding behavior of trout.

Allen’s exhaustive work covers the nymphal, emerging and adult stages of mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, midges and terrestrials. One will find informative treatment of various hackling techniques, body construction, use of CDC and integration of a wide range of soft hackle feathers into fly design. The photographs of Allen’s flies are remarkably clear and the fly recipes are detailed. Allen offers fly patterns for the complete life cycle of specific aquatic insects, including the lesser known mayflies one only encounters during an outing on isolated trout streams. I view this book as the most significant achievement since Rene Harrop’s Learning From the Water. Pick up a copy.

Snow pack continues to grow!

Reports are that the snow pack in the Wood River Valley continues to grow. With last week’s falling of another 15-20 inches the snow pack to date is above 170 percent of what we usually have by this time of the year! All this bodes well for a great water year on Silver Creek, particularly if the snow continues to accumulate.

Doug Andres, Stream Keeper, Double R Ranch