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Super Bowl...Super Snow Pack

February 7, 2017


My local sources in the Wood River Valley have informed me that over the past 3 days they’ve received a blessing of 24 inches of snow fall, and 5 more inches have already fallen today. Moreover, that brings the snow pack to date for this time of year up to 153 percent of normal. This is obviously great news for the aquifer feeding Silver Creek, particularly given that over the past decade we’ve been fighting water issues. Last season our snow pack was barely above normal. The one fly in the ointment would be the usual warm spring rains which eat away at the snow pack reserve. It is hard for me to imagine that there is 5 feet of accumulated snow where my trailer sits during the fishing season.

Super Bowl Sunday was a blessing for me as well. I watched the game in the Poker Room of the Encore Casino and made $1,500 in profit at the tables and another $80 from the slot machines. On days like Super Bowl Sunday there is a quantity of what we call “stupid money” at the table, guys who really should not be playing such big games and who probably come to Vegas expecting to lose whether they play table games or poker. It never fails me on Super Bowl Sunday or playoff game weekends.

I’ve had a bunch of visitors thus far during my stay in Vegas. Some of them do not play poker and are not fans of table games so with them I have focused on great restaurant dinners and other off the beaten path sights. One was the “Mob Museum” which focuses on the role of organized crime in the early day of Vegas. Another fun sight, particularly for us older citizens, is the “Pinball Hall of Fame” which has free admission and several hundred vintage slot machines which you can play for 25 to 75 cents; it is a lot cheaper than the slots. I caught my first live boxing match several weekend ago, a title bout rematch between Karl Frampton and Leon Santa Cruz at the MGM Grand Casino. I also heard Carlos Santana at the House of Blues, an artist I hadn’t caught since 1971 and he was good as ever.

Since I only play poker three days a week I have had plenty of time to tie flies. Currently, my focus is on the “Top Donor Selection” I tie each season for our most generous donors to the ongoing stream restoration work. This year the theme is “Mostly Spinners” and I am tying various spinner patterns with which I have had success over the years.

Doug Andres, Stream Keeper