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May 23, 2017 - Early Seson Hatch Forecast

May 23, 2017

Early Season Hatch Forecast.

Four days until the season opener on the Double R Ranch. Your Stream Keeper will not be arriving until mid-July due to some medical issues relating to his foot, but I will be writing this blog and providing you with information which hopefully will augment your experience on Silver Creek. Below is my forecast for insect hatches during the opening weeks of the season.

Blue Winged Olives. Baetis mayflies are present on the Ranch water almost every day of the season, in various sizes and species. During the opening weeks look for BWOs hatching in sizes 16 to 18, in true olive coloration, with the more dense emergences occurring on “snotty” mornings. In that event don’t hesitate to cast emergers and cripple patterns.

Pale Morning Duns. You’re most likely to encounter this cream or pale yellow bodied mayfly beauty on the field water in the afternoons, in sizes 16 to 18. Good dun patterns include the Sparkle Dun, the Hatch Matcher, Rene Harrop’s PMD Transitional Dun, and a parachute PMD.

Callibaetis. Starting around mid-day on both The Pond and the field water, look for this usually #16 mayfly whose female “spinner” has speckled wings. Sunny days can produce dense and prolonged hatches both n The Pond and in the field water.

When nothing is hatching, search the field water with generic patterns including soft hackles, mid-sized nymphs and small streamers.

See you soon!

DOUG ANDRES, Stream Keeper







Please do not hesitate to contact your Stream Keeper for information or concerns before I arrive in mid-June. You can reach me at 503.939.7657 or dougandres.whenpigflies@gmail.com. Some announcements:

Members’ Barbecue. Mark your calendar for the annual Members’ BBQ which is scheduled for Sunday, July 9, 2017. Details to follow.

Rental Lockers. Currently it looks like we have 2 lockers available for rent. If you are interested, contact the Stream Keeper. The way I have been working this is that Members who rented a locker last season are automatically renewed unless I’m advised that they decline. Hold off on paying your rental fee until I arrive in mid-June.

Gazebo Reservations. As you know, a Member may reserve the Gazebo by putting his or her name on the reservations calendar on the refrigerator inside the Gazebo. Your Stream Keeper will not be able to do this for Members until he arrives in mid-June.

Signing In. In the Stream Keeper’s absence it is still mandatory that Members register themselves, guests and guide using the Sign-In Log that is present in the Sign-In Wagon.

Extra Guests. While the presumption is that each Member will bring only one Guest, the Club Rules allow a Member to bring more than one Guest provided everyone in the party fishes the same Beat and moves together into the following Beat. Also, Members must clear each multiple guest situation in advance with the Stream Keeper, and I will handle this even before I arrive in mid-June.

Opening Day Barbecue. Nick will be barbecuing a couple of lambs for an Opening Day get together at the Gazebo, starting around 4:00 p.m. Plan to bring whatever you choose to drink and a salad, side dish or dessert.

Dredge Project. Due to weather conditions and equipment break downs, our contractor was not able to complete this year’s stream restoration project. We decided to have the contractor remove the dredge boat before the season started so as to avoid interference with the fishing. The project will be completed in the future.

Four Weight Rods. Just a reminder that Club Rules prohibit the use of 3 weight or lighter rods.

Club Rules. Your Stream Keeper would appreciate it if every Member would re-read the Club Rules which were mailed to each member and which are available in the Sign-In Wagon, so as to avoid unnecessary issues and conflicts with other Members.

DOUG ANDRES, Stream Keeper