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May 26, 2017 - Opening Day Jitters

May 26, 2017


One more day to Opening Day of the trout season on the Double R Ranch and Silver Creek as a whole! Tomorrow!

Aah! The magic of Opening Day. The tradition and excitement goes back decades for many of us. As time goes on, the import of Opening Day is not so much how many fish one lands, or even if one hooks a single fish. For me, it is the reality that I am alive for one more season, something to be thankful for and amazed. Another chance to learn something from the creek. Another extended opportunity to observe nature and its creatures. Another series of fishing ventures with good friends. Another series of wardrobe and tackle failures. Of errant casts. Of striking too soon. Of losing fish. Yet, also those days when one gets it all together and figures out which of several insects are prompting rises and what stage of the mayfly is of greatest interest to the trout. And selecting a fly that actually works from your multitude of fly boxes. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

From what I’ve heard, lately on the Double R Ranch water the weather has been somewhat snotty and/or cold. The trout have been rising to Blue Winged Olives that have run as large as a size 16, but they are are to become smaller as the weather warms up. The duns start to come off just before mid-morning and can last a good while, provided the wind stays down. There are no big “pods” of rising trout, just fish rising here and there. But they are working fish, not just sporadic rises. On calm evenings or late afternoon look for BWO spinners hovering over the creek, in past years around my trailer. I’m not sure what the BWO hatch will do when the forecast calls for sunny days and warmer weather. My sense is that the wind will be more of a determinative factor. If we are blessed with sunny warm weather, we might well encounter Callibaetis mayflies. Currently, there have been some Pale Morning Duns in the afternoon.

Doug Andres

Stream Keeper, Double R Ranch