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May 9, 2017 - Lockers, etc.

May 9, 2017


If memory serves me well, at the end of last year’ season we had just a single float tube locker available for rental. I have just been advised that another Member is relinquishing his locker. The way I have been working it is that a locker is automatically renewed to the past member. Members interested in a locker should contact me and I will reserve it. Members should hold off on paying the annual rental fee until I arrive in early June. Please let me know if you do not intend to renew your locker this season.


Reports are that the snow pack at various points in the Wood River Valley drainage has now risen to 200 percent of usual for this time of the year. Since the snow in the fields has largely disappeared and the severe anticipated runoff in the Wood River has not really started in earnest, the level of Silver Creek in the field water of the Ranch has now dropped down to near normal. But, the fact remains that we have a great snow pack from the standpoint of recharging the aquifer and keeping the creek flow normal throughout the coming season.


Nick Purdy advises that the contractor has now arrived on the Ranch and has begun setting up the dredging apparatus. We are optimistic that the project will be completed by Opening Day. If not, one of the most productive places to fish will be just downstream of the active dredging. Last season I watched fish feeding on nymphs displaced by the dredging operation. Kind of like a San Juan Shuffle on steroids!

Doug Andres, Stream Keeper