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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

Picabo Angler is a destination: A full-service fly shop & outfitter located on the banks of world-renowned Silver Creek

December Fishing Report Sun Valley Area

Perpetual fall has finally given way to winter this week. For anglers this simply means a change in clothes, the fishing is a matter of how bad you want it. A few things to keep in mind; Silver Creek is closed from Hwy 20 upstream through the Nature Conservancy. Downstream remains open and when the overcast sets in heavy, the streamer action picks up and can be very good. Non-weighted streamers in neutral colors stripped on a tight line will draw visual strikes from big fish. Anglers can also slowly swing black and purple leeches with little to no striping action. Don’t hesitate to fish shallow and watch the surface closely for the tell-tail sign of a fish chasing your baitfish or leach imitation. Once hooked, give the fish their head or they will pull the hook every time. Fish heavy leaders and tippets. 10 feet tapered to 2X is about right. The browns are essentially off the redds and finished spawning.

This is also a great time to fill your nymph box. Picabo Angler is sitting on a huge selection of nymphs and some dries that we’re blowing out at a buck a fly. With the winter nymphing season upon us it is time to beef up the box. Expect most of the fishing on all our area waters to be mostly subsurface for a while. Small Prince Nymphs and Hares Ears can be deadly fished under and indicator or swung into deep runs. Brassies are also a must have in the box right now. If you go – Be prepared for winter travel and carry water, dry food, dry clothes, 0 Degree sleeping bag, hand warmers, tire chains and a shovel.

Duck hunters on Silver Creek, Magic Reservoir, and Carey Lake are enjoying a fresh push of Northern Ducks and Geese. For the best results, get out and scout your hunt the day before you go. Make sure you take note of where the birds are and where the cover for you and your dog is. Get there early the next day and take your time setting up shop. There is hardly a better day in a person’s life then one spent in a duck blind with a fine sporting dog who doubles as a best friend. Be sure to have an Idaho Hunting License, a Migratory Bird Stamp and your Federal Duck Stamp as well. Upland hunters please be extra careful in the field as winter sets in.


Happy Fishing and Hunting Everyone.