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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report Update

Quick update on the conditions on the Big Wood River: The current flow is 636 cfs while the median flow is 1,550 cfs. The Wood is clear AND fishable. It's still swift so be careful wading and it's likely to come back up again before dropping. There's not much in the way of hatches yet but the nymphing has been decent using #12 Copper Johns, #12 epoxy back Green Drake nymphs and #10 girddle bugs. There are a ton of Green Drake nymphs along the banks of the river and while that hatch is probably at least two weeks away, the poor-swimming (Green Drake nymphs are clingers) nymphs are all over the river. Try using #10 Royal Stimulators or #12 Parachute Adams as the indicator and use any of the mentioned nymphs as droppers. 4x leader and tippet size is perfect.

Big Wood River Green Drake Nymph. Photo taken on 6/1/13.

Silver Creek: We are still waiting for the Brown Drake hatch to begin and as our weather starts to warm up so will the chances that the Drakes will start. The weather has been on the cool side with highs in the 60's and sporadic wind. Depending on where you are on the Creek, we have been seeing #16 pmd's, #16 Callibaetis and #18 Baetis. If you have a non-windy day and are willing to put a little time in you should find some good heads on the surface. Expect the evening fishing and sporadic Green Drakes in the Nature Conservancy section to pick up as the weather warms. Be armed with 12' 6x leaders for most of your non Brown Drake fishing. When the Brown Drakes do happen 3x and 4x are the normal leader/tippet sizes.

Big Lost River: The current flow on the Lower Big Lost river is 470 cfs with a mean of 880 cfs. It's obviously lower than normal for this time of year and clear. At 470 cfs it's pretty swift for wading but doable if you're careful. Not much in the way of hatches but nymphing has been working using #14 Copper Johns, #16 Lightning Bugs and #16 Zebra Midges. We have been using 4x tippet.