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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - Sept 8th, 2013

Thank goodness for spring creeks! The post fire ash reached the Big Wood River this week and temporarily made the river unfishable. The good news is, we always have Silver Creek. The river may clear this week, but even if it does, it may not be a bad idea to leave these fish alone and let them recover from the stress the dirty water has put on them. No worries though, lots of alternatives.

Silver Creek is fishing well with Callibaetis and Hoppers. The morning rise still consists of fish eating Baetis and Trico, but the afternoon fishing is equally good. The best fishing has been after the wind comes up. Try prospecting with Callibaetis, Ants and Hoppers. The fish are getting that first sense of fall after a few cold nights. This slight drop in water temps turns these fish on as they know the days of daily hatches are coming to an end for the year. Brown trout will be spawning soon, so they are certainly looking to fatten up before this event. Whatever the reason, fishing on Silver Creek is good and getting better.

The Little Wood is a nice alternative to the Big Wood. Fishing near High Five Campground is productive. The river is very, very, low, so light rods are a great tool here. Try small attractors and hoppers if you go.

The South Fork of the Boise still remains closed to fishing until further notice. Surveys of the fish were supposed to have happened this past week, but we have not heard the results yet.

The Lost River is still the best game in town. Above and below the reservoir the Lost continues to produce excellent days of fishing. The Upper Lost is all about Ants, Hoppers, small Attractors and general nymph patterns. The Lower Lost is Trico, Baetis, Hoppers, Crane Flies and red colored nymphs. With Kokanee beginning to spawn, fish will key on their eggs and decaying flesh after they die. The few fish that spill through the dam are enough to get this action started.

With Silver Creek and the Lost being the main fishable rivers right now, expect slightly more anglers around then most fall days. Communicate well, and be friendly on the river, it will make everyone’s day brighter including your own.

For you upland hunters, get out and chase those Forest Grouse, they are thick this year! Even the Doves have stuck around!

Happy Fishing and Hunting Everyone!