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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - November 17, 2014

Cold weather should not keep fly anglers off of the water. About now,  a great deal of anglers put their gear away until next opening day, revealing a collection of those for whom not fishing is not an option as the time away from the sport will do damage to their souls. Its o.k., you’re not alone. I know how you feel. The fact that you’re reading this report this week is a sort of testament to yours and my madness. The need to cast and feel the connection to all things wild outweighs common sense, because brother, it’s cold outside!

So how do we beat the freeze? Well, I can’t keep your rod guides from freezing, but I can tell you a few things I’ve learned after years of winter fishing and guiding.

First off, if you’re going to walk any farther from your vehicle than one run on the river – Breathable waders will be warmer than thick neoprene waders. This is simply due to the perspiration factor. If you get hot and perspire in your heavy waders and then you stop to fish, you will get chilled by your own sweat. Breathable waders will keep you as warm as the clothes underneath them and if your clothing wicks the moisture from your body, your breathable waders will be forgiving and warm.

Go to Costco and purchase hand and foot warmers in bulk. These little air activated warmers can extend a day by hours if used properly. Put them in your boots, your pockets, under your gloves, anywhere they will fit!

Keep your fishing hours short and on point. If you know the fishing window is going to be a brief afternoon one, then stay calm, have an extra cup of coffee and read the newspaper twice if need be. Just don’t rush out in the bitter cold when you know the fish won’t eat. Save your energy and thus your body heat for when it counts.

A thermos is not something anglers want to carry all the time, but hot liquid during the day will warm you, boost your energy and feed your soul with what you need for a productive day in the water.

Finally, master the use of your hemostats and learn to gently let fish go and remove the hook without ever handling them or taking them from the water. This simple act will benefit you and the fish!

Happy Fishing and Stay Warm Everyone!