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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - December 1, 2014

Anglers can expect a wonderful week of fishing in the Sun Valley area this week as warmish temperatures and low pressure will bring all our local rivers to life. There is a chance that some of the first Midge hatches of the winter could bring fish to the surface, but the focus should probably remain on Nymphing and streamer fishing.

On the Big Wood plan on the usual suspects for fly choice. Hares Ears, Prince Nymphs, Girdle Bugs and Zebra Nymphs are all excellent choices. Any of these flies fished in tandem will also work well. Concentrate on the boulder runs with waist-deep riffles. The fish in the Wood love this winter water. Any gentle riffle you can find will hold great amounts of fish. Keep in mind that fish group together in the best runs during the winter, so if you catch one stay put and try to get several!

Silver Creek is another excellent choice to fish this week. Streamer fishing is the mainstay this time of the season. Fish down and across the river with very little weight on your fly. Keep your rod tip on the water and the line coming straight into the tip. Vary your stripping until you find the way they like it. This can change day to day. Some days no stripping at all can be your best bet. Just let the fly swing slowly across the river with no movement. It is a great way to imitate a leech and a great way to get big fish hooked up. If you head to the Creek, remember that only the portion downstream from the Highway 20 Bridge remains open. The Nature Conservancy, Kilpatrick Pond and the water through the Purdy ranch is closed for the season. Everything else remains open for Catch and Release fishing only through the end of February.

More places to explore for longer trips or even overnight trips include the Lost River near Mackay. This is always a fun overnight. Check out the Wagon Wheel Hotel for a place to stay. The South Fork of the Boise would be a great day trip if the weather holds. Try to look closely at the forecast as you don’t want to drive up or down the hill in and out of the canyon in adverse weather. When it gets really bad, they will close the road.

Get out there and fish everyone, it is going to be a very, very good week for catching!

Happy Fishing Everyone!