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Ten Things We Know (Or Not) About the Brown Drakes

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from anglers this week about the Brown Drake hatch. So here is a list that is derived from simple FAQs we receive.

Ten Things We Know (or not) About the Brown Drakes.


1)     The Brown Drake Spinner Fall is the event anglers see as the sun is setting.

2)     “A” Brown Drake Emergence takes place on a small scale during the Spinner Fall.

3)     “THE” Brown Drake Emergence happens after dark. Normally close to 11:00 p.m.

4)     The biggest fish in the river will wait until the Emergence, and darkness to fall, before rising.

5)     Spinner Falls happen during the daytime when dark clouds roll in, the fishing can be unreal.

6)     The crack of dawn is another time to see a few Spinners on the water.

7)     The Hatch takes place in the Picabo Bridge area and moves upstream toward the Willows daily.

8)     Two weeks is a normal duration for the hatch. Peak activity lasts about 7 days.

9)     Once it is dark anglers can fish 2X tippets. Fish 3X and 4X when it is light out.

10)  This is one of the only insect hatches that will bring Silver Creek’s biggest fish to the surface.

Jake Blume and a great 11 pm Silver Creek Brown caught on one of Picabo Angler's beats. To reserve a private section of Silver Creek call Picabo Angler at: 208.788.3536.