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June 30, 2014 Sun Valley Fishing Report

Oh, how we love fly fishing around Sun Valley in July! It is a magical month around here. We are finally free of Spring’s high water and we are not yet to the low flows of August. It is safe to say, at least this season, that July is the perfect month to fish! Add to this the fact that we are at the beginning of our Summer hatches as well, and an angler can quickly deduce that now is the time to be on the water.

On Silver Creek, the Prairie Caddis and the Trico are starting to steal the show in the morning. The Trico has been spotty as it continues to ramp up, but if you are in the right place, you should be seeing fish starting to rise by 8:30 in the morning. They could rise even earlier on a really hot day. The key is be on the water when the air temperature hits 70 degrees. Anglers can start the season with larger Trico patterns like a whopping size 18 CDC Biot Dun. If the Caddis are still out, try using a Goddard Caddis or Hemingway Caddis and fish them in a skating fashion.

During the afternoon on the Creek the Damsel action has been pretty good, and the Baby Hopper is now out in force. With the recent hard winds blowing fish could easily key on the Baby Hopper for a day. Don’t leave it out of your fly box.

The Big Wood continues to drop and settle into a Summer flow, but we’re almost there. The Green Drake is putting on a show up and down the river and Stoneflies are active also. A note on Stoneflies, we don’t see huge hatches of Stones on the Wood, with the exception of Little Yellow Sallies, but they are there in frequency and in variety. So, even if you don’t see huge hatches, the Stimulator, Turk’s Tarantula, Sofa Pillows and like flies will work very well as searching patterns on the Wood. This can also be said of the Big Lost. There are better hatches than Stoneflies, but there are few better flies to fish!

We still haven’t made it down to float the South Fork of the Boise at the new higher flows. If you have and would like to help report your findings (mostly related to how the boating is) we would love to hear from you and put your findings on our blog. You can help keep your fellow angler safe on the water! Please send your comments to info@picaboangler.com

Happy Fishing Everyone!