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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - August 11th, 2014

It is easy to see why we are catching so many fish using Ant patterns on Silver Creek. Just swing down to the Creek on most nights lately and you can see the Flying Ant spectacle that has been going on for a week or so. Last Friday night there were so many Ants in the air over Hwy 20 we had to drive at 40 mph to avoid hitting the multitude of bird, mainly Nighthawks, which were eating them. Subsequently the fish were also eating them on the river. We saw the Ant hatch last week and it went unreported, as the nature of the Flying Ant hatch is short, maybe a day or two – Except this year. The event has become a nightly phenomenon and the fishing is unbelievable well into the darkness. Ants are also being joined by large Baetis and Callibaetis spinner falls! If you aren’t fishing the Creek up until dark, you are most likely missing the best action of the day. Couple that with this summer’s Super Moon and start asking yourself if you should be throwing your sleeping bag in the truck as well!

During the day fish are starting to eat everyone’s favorite terrestrial, the Hopper! Massive amounts of Hoppers are making their way to the river’s edge and the now higher water on the Creek is working out great for anglers. Grassy riparian areas are beginning to flood keeping Hoppers on the grass tops and making them susceptible to getting blown into the river, or jumping in when the birds try to nab them! Every year we preach the same thing when fishing Hoppers – Forget what you know about tippet sizes on Silver Creek. Fish 2X Fluorocarbon Leaders tapered to 10 feet. The fish eating Hoppers can be big and toothy. The Fluoro material will not get cut by their teeth AND we promise you, fish are not leader shy when eating a Hopper on Silver Creek. Cast close to the bank, try to get long drifts tight to the grass, and then when they eat, let them have it, and then LET THEM HAVE IT! Be ready for big strikes and big fights out of the fish. The heavy leaders will also help you wrangle the fish out of the weeds and land them quickly.

Trico is still the morning show on the Creek, and with the Hopper action picking up, there is no reason an angler can’t fish from dark to dark on the Creek right now! Have a great time!


Happy Fishing Everyone!