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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - September 3, 2014

The early fall is upon us as day time temperatures have set a course for the 70’s. This means it is time to get serious about transition. The Mahogany Dun, Western Red Quill, October Caddis and Fall Baetis are about to start showing up. We may not see these insects this week, but you had better get them in your fly box.

The hatch heard around the valley this week is the Callibaetis. This speckled wing mayfly has been setting the afternoon fishing on fire when the wind allows. The slower parts of the Creek, mainly the float tube sections are the place to find the biggest numbers of this insect. Generally the best part of this activity begins shortly after lunch.

The Hopper fishing on the Creek is also getting better and better. When the wind picks up during the Callibaetis, don’t hang up the fly rod. Just beef up your tippets and blind fish Hoppers into the wind chop and along the banks.

Ants and Beetles remain a strong fly to fish on the Creek and as the fall progresses, the Ants will become the dominant fly of the two. Every fall we see the Ant hatches pick up a lot of fish. The Ant fly can be a great choice when you are totally stumped.

The Big Lost is continuing to fish Very well this summer. The Trico and Baetis are still the mainstay below the dam and through the town of Mackay. The Upper Lost also continues to produce nice fish on small attractors. The Ant fly is deadly on the Upper Lost this time of year.

The South Fork of the Boise has not been showing its true colors lately with meager hatches of Pink Alberts. With the return of the sun, perhaps this hatch will pick back up. The river was given a good flush the past few weeks, and hopefully these increased flows will have moved some of the debris blocking the river channel in multiple places.

Grouse hunters had a banner opening day. Lots of hunters reported shooting limits and the rest of the fall looks just as good. The flip side to this great hunting is the major lack of Doves. There have been a few decent reports of good Dove hunting, but they are spotty. Moving forward hunters will be treated to more openers as Chukar, Huns and Sage Grouse seasons are right around the corner!


Happy Fishing and Hunting Everyone!