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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - November 11, 2015

Low pressure systems are upon us! Great news for anglers looking to catch great numbers of fish, just make sure you have a warm coat and a rain jacket when you head to the river! Nymphing and Streamer fishing are the techniques to go to this week, as the colder, wetter weather should effectively shut down most of the season’s hatches. If you’re in the right place at the right time you may find some Fall Baetis activity under the clouds, but don’t expect daily occurrences of this bug.

It’s not quite fall, and not quite winter, so the Midge activity we associate with the snow and the awesome hatches provided by this insect won’t materialize in numbers large enough to get the fish up. Your best fly choices are going to come from your nymph box. Red Copper Johns, Bead Head Prince Nymphs, Black Back Hares Ears, and smallish Pheasant Tails are the way to go. Fish these under an indicator and concentrate on thigh to waist deep riffles.

Brown Trout on Silver Creek are in full blown spawning mode, so be careful where you step, as not to disturb their Redds. You may also find Redds on the Big Wood. They are oval shaped and the gravels are swept clean. Now, with that said, keep in mind the river systems are filling with Brown and Brook Trout eggs, so fishing bright orange and red nymph patterns is going to bring a lot of attention to you fly.

Please keep an eye on the weather if you are going to travel to the Lost or South Fork of the Boise Rivers this week. Snow in the forecast could happen at any time. Have your vehicle winter ready!

This is certainly a week to take some time off the water and start thinking about Salt Water destinations, (Picabo Angler can help with that!) also start tying flies for winter, start replacing those old fly lines, boot laces, leaders and nets.

This is also a great week to start making that wish list for Christmas presents and leaving it in strategic places around your house or vehicle! Just saying…

Overall expect rivers void of other anglers this week, but don’t give up on excellent fishing. Fish love and respond well to low pressure systems and with the cold nights lowering water temperatures, all the fish are going to key in on getting fat for winter!

Happy Fishing Everyone!