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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - March 23, 2015

Beautiful spring like conditions persist this week. Warm, overcast, to partly cloudy days spell Baetis on the rivers we can fish! Expect some limiting conditions to continue as far as water quality goes the Big Wood, and closures for spawning fish in other areas begin at the end of the month.

The early run of Steelhead continue to find their way to the Stanley area. The fishing has been very good this season with the early run of fish making for fewer anglers. Locals have done very well, and most likely anglers that are waiting or have waited for the April time frame, may be a little too late for the best of the action. For now though, get up there if you want to catch one of these Sea-Run Rainbows.

The Big Wood is most likely going to continue to run off color. Maybe, the last few days of the season will provide some opportunity. But right now the best bet for Big Wood anglers is to head for the water in the canyon blow Magic Reservoir. Although, not easy fishing, the quality of the catch can be outstanding. Plan on streamers, and perhaps some decent dry fly action with Midges and Baetis.

The South Fork of the Boise continues to fish in a fair fashion. With a little bit of Baetis and Midges being the main hatches. When in doubt, a red nymph like a Copper John, will bring a few fish to the net.

The Lost River remains the best fishery we have right now. The increased pressure from anglers is something you should plan on, but also plan on great hatches of mainly Baetis with some Midges. The spawning action on the Lost is also picking up, so please be aware of the Redds, in the river. These are the gravel depressions that appear white or “fresh” as the Rainbows have swept the gravel clean to deposit their eggs. One misstep onto a Redd can destroy hundreds to thousands of trout eggs. It is probably best to not fish the fish seen “sitting” in these Redds as well, as they need every last bit of energy they have to complete their spawn and recover before the water gets too high. This same activity takes place with the Steelhead on the Salmon, so if you fish in Stanley, please be aware of the fishes activity you are fishing to.

Happy Fishing Everyone!