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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - July 20, 2015

Trico time is upon us and in full swing! There is no other event on Silver Creek quite like the Trico spinner fall that is happening now through August. Each morning when the air temps hit 70 degrees all heck breaks loose on the Creek as big fish swim out of their deep water lairs to suck in as many of these minute insects as possible. Here at Picabo Angler we call this event Trico madness, and we use that phrase on many levels. The Trico will drive the fish mad, the angler mad and the event can become so big it becomes general madness everywhere!

If you have never fished the Creek, you are new to the sport or you have just never seen a Trico spinner fall – Get to the Creek now! Pick the nicest day you can, and be on the water anywhere from Point of Rocks through the Nature Conservancy. Bring 6X and 7X tippets as well as a small selection of Tricos. We suggest Trico Hackle Stackers, Stalcup’s Fan-Wing Trico, and any small Spent Wing pattern you have. Our Trico selection here at Picabo Angler is huge! With the activity starting around 8:00 you have plenty of time to stop in to the fly shop here for breakfast, get advice on a few great patterns and perhaps get pointed in the right direction. We would love to share this awesome event with you!

Following the Trico you can count on Baetis Spinner Falls as well as some Damsel activity and on some mornings even the PMD will join this symphony of insects and fish. Now, just when you thought things couldn’t be better on Silver Creek – Hopper Time is also upon us! We have been getting fish to eat hoppers with more and more frequency. So after the Trico action is over, stop on in for lunch and then head back to the water for Hopper time!

Freestone Streams: The Big Wood and the Upper Lost continue to fish well. Begin to really focus your efforts on the mornings and evenings, as the hot weather will bring on the Trico on these rivers as well as the evening Caddis activity. In the afternoon, fish a Dave’s Hopper with a dropper fly like a Prince Nymph or Pheasant Tail.

Tailwaters: The Lower Lost is also fishing well. Have Trico and Crane Flies to skate around in the afternoon. The South Fork of the Boise continues to improve. Load for bear with Caddis, Pink Albert, Cicada and Salmon Flies.

Happy Fishing Everyone!