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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - September 21, 2015

Perpetual autumn will never end. This is the sense that we get this time of year as we string together beautiful day after beautiful day, hatch after hatch and fish after fish until one day a dark gray sky rolls in, ushering winter to the mountains.

With the long autumn comes all the good stuff that goes with it. Upland hunters have begun Chukar and Hun seasons. The Grouse season is well underway and throughout the valley wing shooters are reporting excellent days in the field. The fall also brings on the Mahogany Dun which had finally showed up on the Creek! After a long season of watching the fish get smarter and smarter, the Mahogany Dun seems to be all that is needed to turn the fish “less smart” again. Expect the Mahogany to really pick up steam by the weekend when cooler temperatures again arrive to turn leaves yellow and remind everyone it’s firewood season.

The Western Red Quill also continues to produce spectacular days on the Wood, again bringing fish to the surface with a little more abandon, and making all of us fly anglers feel like there is hope for us in the low flows of the later season!

The biggest common thread on all our rivers right now is the Fall Baetis. This tiny insect is a favorite of local trout as the diminutive size is more than made up for by the abundant volume of insects hatching. Keep in mind when you fish this hatch, the fish are really keyed up on the movement of this little bug. The constantly swinging abdomen is a sure tell for the fish that they are eating the real thing! The best way to imitate this movement is to fish an extended body fly on an open loop, allowing the fly to swing freely on its hackle tips. Anglers can read about this technique in more detail, as well as other “tricks of the trade” in John Huber’s book Lessons of Fairsized Creek.

Our more distant fisheries, like the South Fork of the Boise and the Big Lost River are also fishing very well, although the daily windows are shrinking rapidly, forcing angler into the choice of long drive versus short hatch, or staying local to maximize fishing time.

Now, is truly one of the best times of the year to fish, and like the trout, anglers need to take advantage of the waning warm days and fish hard until old man winter decides it’s time for yet another change!

Happy Fishing Everyone!