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Sun Valley Fishing Report - November 16, 2016

It looks as though we’re going to see a bit more character in our weather patterns this week. Expect some cloud cover, and maybe a small chance of precipitation. It is safe to expect temperatures to cool down another ten degrees. This in essence will shut the fishing window slightly more. We will also begin to see a big transition from our Fall hatches to our winter hatches.

If you get a calm enough day and it warm up enough in the afternoon, anglers still have a n excellent chance to see a Baetis hatch, but don’t expect to see a lot more than that. There may be stray October Caddis and Hoppers around, but this next weather system may put a stop to all of that.

With most of the Browns finishing up their spawning activity expect the Streamer fishing to pick up as these big guys try to fatten back up before winter takes grip of the river.

Silver Creek remains open through November 30th from the Highway 20 Bridge up through the Nature Conservancy. If you want to see the last of this seasons hatches, get to the conservancy in the next week and half. Once the upper section of the Creek closes the section from Highway 20 downstream through Point of Ricks and the Willows, all the way to Picabo Bridge will remain open for catch and release fishing only until the end of February.

With most areas river quieting down, this would be a good time to go through your winter fishing gear. Be sure you are well stocked with Brassies, Copper Johns, Zebra Nymphs, Griffiths Gnats and Tie-Down Midges. This selection will take you all the way through to the spring! Streamers are also a very effective way to fish these times of low hatch activity. The Wood River Sculpin is always a meal on the Wood, and the same style of pattern can be used on all rivers, all winter.

A Coffies Sparkle Minnow on the South Fork of the Boise right now can be deadly. This streamer also fishes really well below Magic and anywhere Big Brown Trout swim.

With the weather changing it is time for us to remind you to throw in emergency food and water when you head out to fish. Pack a warm sleeping bag and make sure your cell phone is completely charged when you leave home. Getting stuck somewhere in the summer is one thing, in the winter it can be deadly, but much less so, with a little preparation!

Happy Fishing Everyone!