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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

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Brown Drake Update - June 2, 2016

This is not the best Drake event we've ever seen, but at least it is consistent. The pattern that has developed is staying true to form. A condensed area of hatch activity continues to march up the river very orderly and neat. 

Last nights event was in the Willows. A decent Spinner Fall and Emergence both took place. Anglers in that area had some decent fishing. Not all the big fish were up, but give it time and you'll find some. 

Down stream of Point of Rocks the Spinner Fall was mild and lasted about an hour. There was very little emergence. The Emergence right at Point of Rocks was better, so we can expect a Spinner Fall in that area tonight. 

Have fun, out there, continue to be kind, and we'll see you at Picabo Angler.