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Brown Drake Update - June 3, 2016

The Drakes have made it to the Highway 20 Bridge. This makes the Willows Area the epicenter of the Drake activity. A decent Spinner Fall was followed by a large, yet centralized emergence last night. 

The wind played the biggest roll in keeping things from exploding in the early evening hours. The wind continues today, but should slow to about 4 mph by the time the Spinners are ready to fly. Tonight is going to be good.

It may be too late this season to write this, but...There really is no reason to lose a fish during the Drake because it "broke off." Fish eating the Drake are not concerned with your tippet diameter. After all the time and expense we go through to try and get big fish on big dry flies, we should strive to land these beasts. Although more expensive, fishing fluorocarbon leaders will go a long way into accomplishing this. The fluoro leaders will not cut on the teeth of a big Brown Trout. They also will not stretch when you go to set the hook in their hard mouths. 

Consider fishing a 2X Fluoro Leader with a little 3X Fluoro Tippet on the end. When it gets dark, cut the 3X off and tie directly to the 2X Leader. With this set up , the hook will bend straight before your leader will break. Just manage the pressure on the fish while you fight them and be ready to get a photo with a Silver Creek monster! 

Thanks again for being Awesome to each other! I have sat here in the shop for a week now and watched as angler after angler sits down to breakfast and lunch with each other, after a quick "Hello, how was your night?" Anglers are making new friends, sharing info, and generally supporting each others fun!

Keep it up everyone and we'll continue to make Silver Creek a special place for all anglers, and a place where all our memories are of big smiles, big fish and bigger fish tales!