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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

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Sun Valley / Picabo Area Fishing Report - June 7, 2016

The Brown Drake hatch has wrapped up for the season on Silver Creek. It was not the best year for the Drake. We had a lot of anglers ask, why? The Drake is a two year growth for the nymph. Two years ago we had massive hail storms after the Drake had hatched, but before it could lay eggs. This hit the reset switch on much of the lower water. Next year should be great again, as last year’s Drake event was massive. Stay tuned!

Currently on the Creek, the PMD action has been phenomenal. One of the best early season PMD years we’ve had in some time. Callibaetis is showing on occasion as well as some Baetis Spinners. Ants and Beetles remain great flies with Flying Ants already becoming a main stay on the river. Looking ahead a week or two, be sure you have Damsel Fly and Green Drake patterns in your fly box before heading to the Nature Conservancy waters.

One of the few other fishable areas is the South Fork of the Boise. The Reservoir is full, so the flows continue to increase as they need to let the water out! The Cicadas are hatching and the volume of their chirping is growing. This is a great dry fly choice until we get reports of the Salmon Fly. The river is high and really best fished from a boat. If you get down there and can’t find a hatch you can still catch fish with Salmon Fly Nymphs, Black Copper John’s and Lightning Bugs.

The Big Wood continues to see runoff, but as soon as the water clears to a glacial green color it will be game on! The Green Drake Nymphs under the rocks are plentiful and this hatch should get really good, really soon! If you find some soft water and clear enough water, especially upstream of Ketchum, try fishing the Picabo Stimulator with a dropper, like Prince Nymphs or Copper Johns. When the Green Drake hatch goes into full swing on Silver Creek and the Big Wood, be sure to have the Colorado Green Drake pattern as well as the Green Drake Film Critic.

The Little Wood and the Upper Lost should also begin to fish soon. Green Drakes and Stoneflies are the name of the game when these rivers get to fishable clarity and flows. The next few weeks should be really fun if the rivers will clear some.

Happy Fishing Everyone!