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Sun Valley Fishing Report - July 13, 2016

Fishing season is in full swing and we are enjoying the benefits of 100% snowpack! The rivers are full of water and the fish and bugs are benefiting the most! Some area rivers are just coming into fishable shape, while others are already into the second round of summer time hatches.

Silver Creek is a great place to be as Trico activity is fast and furious. Try to catch this spinner fall as soon as the air temps hit 70 degrees. The big secret right now is the early morning activity taking place prior to the Trico. Prairie Caddis and Callibaetis Spinners are putting on a crack of dawn show for those anglers that can drag themselves from summer slumber. Baetis are following the Trico and by afternoon Callibaetis, Damsels and Hoppers take the stage. Baby Hoppers on the windy days and Damsels on the calm days. In the evening the PMDs are the main players and at night it is mousing time!

The Big Wood is fishing well with a variety of small attractors like Royal Trudes and Olive Stimulators. Baby Hoppers are also on the scene here. The last of the Green Drakes should be around this week. Nymphing and Streamer fishing is very productive right now. Prince Nymphs and Sparkle Minnows are all you need.

The Upper Lost River is fishing well with big dry flies, but the volume still dictates fishing with someone, tight wading belts and no dogs. The East Fork and the North Fork at a very reasonable volume right now and very fishable for anglers of all skill levels. Fish Royal Stimulators and Irresistible Adams.

The Lower Big Lost is still running very high. A few fishable spots can provide a few hours of fishing, but the mobility on the Lower Lost is limited until the Fall.

The South Fork of the Boise is moving from spring hatches like Stone Flies and Salmon Flies to summer bugs like Pink Alberts and Grass Hoppers. Drift boat flows are still the norm with some limited wading opportunities.

The Little Wood is fishing well with nymphs. The Mosquitos remain prolific in this area, but if the wind and the heat come up, this may be worth exploring for an afternoon.

The best part of fishing right now, is anglers can choose what they like to do best and go do it! It feels a bit like the starters gun has gone off and now it’s time to fish it all!

Happy Fishing Everyone,