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Sun Valley Fishing Report - August 11th, 2016

Slightly milder temperatures are on hand this week, which will make fishing slightly more comfortable. The hatches are spotty, but still around. It seems to be a matter of standing in the right place!

The Trico on the Big Wood is small, but the Spinner Fall seems to be increasing, while over on Silver Creek the early Trico season, is beginning to wane a little bit. It really depends where you are on the Creek and more specifically which bush you are fishing behind.

Hopper fishing continues to pick up everywhere from the South Fork of the Boise, to the Upper Lost, to the Lower Big Wood. Expect this action to continue into September and it should get even better and better as summer progresses.

The Damsel Fly activity remains really strong, with most anglers complaining about getting strikes without hook-ups. WAIT! Let them eat the fly, vanish, count to three, sing the Star Spangled Banner, whatever it takes to slow your hook set down. Then set the hook with vigor! This means heavy tippets to 3X. Stop worrying about tippet shy, let the fish have the fly and have it all the way under water until they are gone, then SET THE HOOK HARD!

Baetis in many ways, and on many mornings, has been the star of the show. Prolific numbers of Baetis have had the fish percolating most mornings. A Rusty Spinner can be the best fly in your box during these events. Hatch Matchers are also a great fly to have ready. Fish them small, and very dry. Make sure your fly is sitting on its hackle tips.

Callibaetis is still present in the slough and the action should continue to pick up into August. Expect late morning and early afternoon activity in the slow water sections of the river, including both sloughs on the Nature Conservancy.

Caddis is the name of the game on the Upper Lost and Big Wood in the evenings. Have a decent selection of Elk Hair Caddis and stay late.

The Flying Ants are back for the summer. DO not overlook this hatch. It may be in its beginning stages, but if we get to a point like last summer, the Flying Ant may become the one dry the fish will key on for weeks at a time. We brought in a lot of Flying Ant patterns this season, for this reason!

Happy Fishing Everyone!