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Sun Valley Fishing Report - September 14, 2016

Silver Creek is absolutely magical right now! The river is flowing higher than it has in years. The fish are eating with abandon most of the day. Callibaetis and Hoppers are bringing greedy fish to the surface and the Mahogany Dun is due to show this week, if it hasn’t already! Honestly, the Creek is worth the trip just to see it right now. It looks spectacular. Anglers staying late will find the Mouse fishing as good as it gets. The next two weeks on Silver Creek may turn out to be the best two weeks of the season. Don’t miss this!

The South Fork of the Boise should drop to 300 CFS by Friday. That means a reduction in flows most of the week. If you are planning a trip, watch the USGS graphs and try to wait for things to stabilize. When they do expect Fall Baetis hatches to continue and even grow in intensity. If you go, start late in the day and fish right up to dark.

The Big Wood continues to fish well with the Western Red Quill and the Fall Baetis. Hoppers are also in the mix in the bright parts of the day. When fishing the Western Red Quill use all your favorite Green Drake flies. They will work very well for this hatch. H and L Variants are great as well as Parachute Adams, Irresistible Adams and Gray Wulffs. The Fall Baetis is easily matched with very small Parachute Adams and Gulper Specials. Bring your spring creek techniques to this hatch and watch the tail of the pools!

The Lower Lost River continues to impress with big numbers of fish being caught - being replaced by anglers catching fewer, but much larger fish as of late! The Baetis action and Nymphing is the way to go. Be sure you have nymphs in red colors in your box as well. Copper Johns and San Juan Worms are great flies once the Kokanee that spill over the dam start spawning.

The Upper Lost is low and fishing well for anglers on the move, but it is a long walk between pools. Small attractors are the way to go, with a nod toward Red Quill sizes and colors. There is road work happening on Trail Creek later this week, so if you go, check your local news sources for open and closed times of the day.

Happy Fishing Everyone!