Picabo Angler

Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

Picabo Angler is a destination: A full-service fly shop & outfitter located on the banks of world-renowned Silver Creek

Silver Creek Flows Update - Sept 8, 2016

Anglers, If you are making decisions to fish on Silver Creek or not, and are using the USGS graph below to make that decision...IT'S WRONG! This gauge hasn't been correct in sometime. Rest assured the Creek is flowing higher right now than it has all year. I live on the Creek and work on the Creek and I have not seen the river look this healthy in a decade. The fishing is great, so don't believe what you read on the inter-webs. Instead come look for yourself. If you're missing the Creek right now, you are missing the best Hopper fishing and Baetis fishing of the season!