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Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report

February 15, 2017

Our wintery mix continues with precipitation, snow, rain, and temperatures that hover around freezing. This mix of weather will make for an equal mix of great, decent and slow fishing. It is all going to depend on your timing. The end of this week and the beginning of the weekend should bring some clouds and low pressure. This should put the fish on the bite and should also spur on the Midge activity, hopefully making for some nice surface opportunities with a Midge dry fly.

If you choose to wait until the sun is out, be prepared to fish a little deeper with Nymphs or Streamers. The bright sun definitely makes the fish a bit more shy, or on Silver Creek, a lot more shy. If this is the case, you need to go to where the fish is. This may mean they are finning tight to structure or sitting in the bottom of a deep hole or they are under a cut bank.

When the fishing is tricky under bright light it is the angler willing to set up differently for each situation that will excel. The flip side to that coin is to rig up something you are confident in and fish it through all the water types, with a goal of staying on the move and covering more water, and less “situations.”

While we move closer to spring, be prepared for some serious volume of water moving through our systems. Currently there are many reservoirs draining, or about to be drained to make room for the spring run-off. This could mean we are cut off from many of our favorite late winter fisheries, like the Big Wood canyon below Magic Reservoir, the South Fork of the Boise and the lower Lost River. So far these rivers remain fishable, but it is advisable to check the CFS on the USGS website before you go.

Any true flows below Magic Res require a boat to fish most areas as the riparian area here comes right to the water’s edge, the South Fork of the Boise needs to be around and below 300 CFS for the best wade fishing, and the lower Lost needs to also be around 300 CFS and lower for safe and productive wade fishing.

One quick caution: With rain coming this week, stay away from the Big Wood River where the steepest slopes are. We had avalanches cross the river in several places last week. No matter where you choose to fish this week, be safe and have fun doing it!