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Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report 

February 7, 2017

A very slow melt has begun near Sun Valley. This should really get the fish on the bite and turn our local fly fishing into something special as we head toward spring. The warming water may get a few fish even thinking about the spawning season. Midge hatches should really pick up and the Little Black Stonefly may make an earlier than normal appearance.

Silver Creek remains open for catch and release fishing below the Highway 20 Bridge. Streamers are the way to go. Non-weighted is your best bet. Fish with olive and black colors, or a Sparkle Minnow. The Creek has received very little pressure this winter and the next 3 weeks could be very good!

If the warming days begin to tint the rivers, don’t be discouraged. The fish are aggressive in the late winter and early spring, so even though the water may be off color, that doesn’t mean the bite won’t be on!

The nymph fishing on the Wood is very good right now, with a combination of Copper Johns and Midge imitations like Zebras Nymphs, Brassies, and Hare’s Ears. Fish these at one and a half times the water depth of the area you are fishing. The New Zealand Strike Indicator is a great tool for quick depth adjustments. This Strike Indicator set up moves up and down the line freely and quickly without having to take the Indicator off and then back on again. It floats really well and anglers won’t notice it when they are casting as it is nearly imperceptible on the line.

The Streamer fishing is also very good on the Big Wood these days. The Wood River Sculpin is the target for these fish and most Streamers fished in an Olive color will get the biggest fish in the system chasing! If you haven’t tried Streamer fishing the Wood, this is a great time to get out there and do it, and also a great time to learn Streamer fishing if you have never done it!

Finally, the dry fly fishing on the Wood, the Lost and the South Fork of the Boise should begin to really to perk up. Expect these hatches to continue growing through the month of March! It’s a great time to be out there right now, as many techniques are catching fish and the weather is warm enough for things to be very comfortable winter fishing!

Happy Fishing Everyone!