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Sun Valley Fly Fishing

April 13th, 2017

The recent cooler nights have opened up a little more fishing opportunity this week, but don’t expect it to last as the true spring run-off is around the corner. Fresh snow on Galena made more than one Steelhead angler smile as they drove to the Salmon feeling pretty good about the water clarity. Despite a tough season, anglers are still catching fish in the Salmon when the water conditions allow.

If you head up that way, and have never been, just treat it as glorified trout fishing, with larger rods. Using strike indicators fished over large trout nymphs, colorful Steelhead flies and even some Saltwater flies, will get fish to bite. Walk sections of river, and literally look for the fish laying up. Once you find one, get that fly to the fish’s nose and you have a great chance to catch a Steelhead in Idaho!

Keep an eye on the flows before you go. Avoid going after any large spikes in the CFS. Be very careful wading and avoid fish sitting on Redds please.

The Lost River is also having moments of fishing well for the conditions. Again this is a river you want to be sure to check the CFS before you go. It is a long way to drive to find out the flows came up and you have no options but to turn your wagon around.

Moving closer to spring we encourage anglers to get out and explore. There are many great places to take a fly rod in the spring. If you get to a point where you are just struggling to find places to fish, think about getting Google Earth out.

Google Earth is a wonderful way to find fisheries and out of the way places. Google Earth had personally led me to 12 pound Bonefish, numerous Baby Tarpon spots and Snook spots. It has allowed me to find trails and more importantly routes without trails into world class Idaho fishing. You are only limited by your imagination. If you can’t fish now, how about planning a route into a high mountain lake this summer? How about looking for trails into nearly inaccessible canyons? They are there. You just have to find them. Take your sense of adventure to your computer for a few hours and you may be blown away by the adventure you can find there!

Google Earth is a free download, it is easy and quick, and a great way to plan a fishing adventure!

Happy Fishing Everyone!