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Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Sun Valley Area Fly Fishing Report - June 27, 2017

Our second season on Silver Creek is beginning to take shape as spring time hatches begin to wane and the summer bugs begin to show. The best part of it is the Trico Spinner Falls have begun again! This is early, but the Trico is really only showing on the lower access points on the river. Give it another week and we should begin to see clouds of these little bugs up and down the whole river.

If you have never fished the Trico Spinner Fall on Silver Creek you are truly missing one of the best events in fly fishing! Nothing brings fish to the surface the way Tricos do. The fishing begins when air temps hit the 70 degree mark. Recently that has been around 8:00 a.m. with action lasting until about 11:00 a.m. or high noon.

We also have begun seeing baby Hoppers out in large numbers. This should be a fishable terrestrial in the next week or two. There is no shortage of wind in the forecast, so Hopper fishing should quickly be added to any anglers list of things to do as summer progresses.

The Creek continues to percolate with Callibaetis, PMD and Baetis. The Baetis Spinner Falls are also growing and they almost always happen late in the morning as the Trico action begins to drop off. The Callibaetis are on the water early, before the Trico and Baetis. They come back again in the afternoon. This action should also continue to build.

The Flying Ant remains the best fly on the Creek when nothing else seems to be working. Anglers are fishing the fly against the bank and down the middle of the river. For whatever reason, plenty of big fish always seem to come to the top for this little morsel.

Anglers are also seeing plenty of Damsel Flies and once the weed beds reach the surface we should begin to see fish rushing up to take them.

Elsewhere we are still seeing high and dangerous flows. Even in places where the water has begun to clear the volume is such that wading is not happening and there is not much holding water to cast into. Anglers exploring the braids in the rivers have found a few fish here and there, but those areas are limited.

Be patient with the Big Wood and Big Lost Rivers. They are dangerous and they will drop soon enough providing us with world class angling!