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Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Sun Valley Area Fly Fishing Report - August 23, 2017

What an incredible summer of fishing we have had! The best part is, the fall fishing in the Sun Valley area is normally the best fishing. This means the best is yet to come! We still have several hatches left this season, like the October Caddis, Western Red Quill and Mahogany Duns. Before we get to them though we have to finish out the summer season, which remains incredible.

Silver Creek continues to produce with Grasshoppers, Damsels, Tricos, Baetis and now the summer Callibaetis. If you haven’t been to the Creek around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. then you are missing the best action of the day. The Callibaetis are dominating the rivers and sloughs most afternoons and the fish are on them. With Hoppers and Damsels in the mix there is no better place to fish in the afternoon right now.

The Big Wood continues to impress as the Hopper season has the rivers biggest fish looking to the surface. Hoppers and Hopper / Dropper combos are very effective right now. Anglers are also picking up fish on a variety of Adams with smaller droppers below them. Streamer fishing is very effective as well when the surface action if just not happening.

The Upper Lost River is a gem right now, and should continue to fish very well as the weather cools and changes. The flows are finally manageable and a combination of Streamers and Hopper fishing is bringing a lot of fish to the net, including some true monsters.

The Lower Lost continues to fish and once again the Hopper is a great choice. There is some decent Nymphing with Copper John’s and Prince Nymphs and even a few sight Nymphing opportunities if you have good eyes and move slow enough up the river. The Crane fly action is also very good and very fun! Skating big Crane Fly imitations will bring a smile to any angler’s face, especially when they see how the fish try to catch their bug!

The South Fork of the Boise is still fishing and still at boatable flows. Hoppers and Pink Alberts are the name of the game if you head into the canyon.

The Little Wood is finally fishing and at a reasonable flow above the reservoir. This is a great place to take a kid or first time angler. Standard attractors fished on the surface are all one needs! Think Parachute Adams and Royal Trudes!

Happy Fishing Everyone!


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