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Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Sun Valley Area Fly Fishing Report - August 30, 2017

Our late summer heat wave continues and with it means all the same late summer bugs. The rivers continue to drop and as they do the fish are filling in the voids left by the falling water. Areas that looked fishy a week ago, but had not fish are going to start filling with fish as the flows decrease and allow more dispersal. Expect a lot of fish movement in the coming weeks on all our area waters.

Silver Creek is just a gem in the afternoon right now. The Callibaetis show when the wind is down is incredible. The action starts after lunch and peaks before dinner. The Hopper action remains strong, although the fish are getting wiser and not eating as aggressively. Be sure you let the fish take the fly well, and then set the hook hard. Try to fish across the current as much as you can to get the best hook setting angle. Facing downstream and casting can be effective, but you inevitably will be pulling the fly upstream out of the fish’s mouth. The morning on the river is decent with Trico Spinners, Baetis and some Callibaetis. Expect more of the same great action in the coming weeks!

The Big Wood and the Upper Lost Rivers continue to change as flows abate. The fishing is fabulous on both rivers. Hoppers are peaking, and small attractors are taking fish. Parachute Adams and Royal Trudes are hot flies, as well as Flying Ants. Trico action is a possibility in a few areas where the water is flat enough, although the high water has taken most of the Trico action away.

The Lower Lost River is fishing pretty well with Crane Flies, Hoppers and Nymphs. Small Zebra Midges in Red and Black are a good choice as well as Copper Johns in Red and Copper. Fishing these two patterns in tandem can be very effective under a strike indicator.

The South Fork of the Boise has been dropped to nearly wadable flows, but just not quite. Small boats can still make the float and a bit more wading action is available, but do it with caution. Expect to see a few Pink Alberts and a large amount of Hoppers. Some Nymphing around the boulders and in the riffles can be effective. Small Pheasant Tails and Copper Johns are a good choice as well as a Red Squirrel Nymph.

Happy Fishing Everyone!