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Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Sun Valley Area Fly Fishing Report - September 13, 2017

Transition is the theme of this week’s fishing report. The weeks on end of heat and identical weather patterns is coming to a close. This will mean a few things for anglers. The bad part is we will get between heavy summer hatches and fall hatches. The good part is that even if we suffer through a few slow hours in the coming weeks, anglers will also get to see epic events! The first days of the Fall Baetis and Mahogany Duns are to come. The Western Red Quill is a bug that brings all the big fish to the surface and we’re just a few cold days away from their appearance.

In the meantime, if your Hopper starts working less, or the Callibaetis begins to decrease in volume, start thinking about the subtleties again. The early fall can be an epic time for fishing Rusty Spinners to rising fish in the evening. Brown Trout have begun their spawning run and they are vicious while doing it. This means the season’s best Mouse fishing for giant Browns is upon us.

Local Tailwaters will begin to drop faster and faster, forcing anglers into changing strategies whether they want to or not. Those anglers that paid dues on Silver Creek this summer will excel as the flat water of fall takes over all our rivers and the fish move into the slicks and tailouts to eat before winter gets a grip! It is this flatwater, afternoon fishing that defines a lot of the fall! Being able to produce flies small enough, casts accurate enough and presentations that won’t spook a fish in the flats is where it is at. What is a daily occurrence on Silver Creek will be easy stuff for anglers heading out to other waters. I write here often that Silver Creek will make you better and make everyplace else you fish easier. This fall flat water scenario on all our area waters is a perfect example.

Regarding the Western Red Quill, be sure to dig out all your favorite Green Drake patterns. They will work very well on the Big Wood and Upper Lost in the coming weeks. Big flies are the deal with this bug! Parachute Adams, Green Drakes, and most Wulff patterns will bring fish up once this hatch hits.

Another fly to dig out of your box from the spring is any Orange Stimulators. The October Caddis is coming to all our rivers and you want to be ready for it!\

Happy Fishing Everyone!