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Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - February 28, 2018

Silver Creek is closed at the end of the day on Wednesday the 28th of February. That gives us a month left to fish on the Big Wood before it closes for spawning. The good news is we get to fish the Big Lost River all year now! This has been the case the past few seasons, and it’s really nice to have this fall back fishery, especially with the decreased Steelhead runs the past few springs.

If you head to the Big Wood get excited! March is one of the best months to fish, and the catch rates are certainly as good as it gets most winters. Keep an eye on the foam lines and back eddies for massive amounts of Midges and Rainbow heads breaking the surface to eat them. Fish Griffiths Gnats in tandem with Tie-Down Midges if you are on the surface targeting rising fish. If they won’t come to the top use two Zebra Nymphs fished in tandem under a strike indicator. Red and Black are the normal colors we use. If they don’t want that set up, then fish a Bugger in Black or Olive.

We are in the Little Black Stonefly season as well. You will see this wingless insects running about the snow surface most days.  If you see them try larger nymph patterns like Girdle Bugs in black or Prince Nymphs. Hares Ears, with black backs are also a great choice. Fish these either under a strike indicator or swing them from bank to bank, paying careful attention to the tight line as it nears the bank. These little bugs crawl out of the water, so the areas within a foot or so of the bank have the largest congregation of them and the fish know it.

If you decide to travel to the Big Lost River or the South Fork of the Boise take the same winter fly selection we listed for the Big Wood River. The insects in the winter are pretty much the same from river to river, so a big selection is not necessary. Keep an eye on the weather report if you decide to make the 2 hour journey to either of these rivers, and like we always preach, be sure to have a change of clothes, a full tank of gas, a fully charged phone and some food and water should you have to spend a wintery night next to a river! Be sure to tell a friend where you are going as well!

Happy Fishing Everyone!