Picabo Angler

Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

Picabo Angler is a destination: A full-service fly shop & outfitter located on the banks of world-renowned Silver Creek

Silver Creek In February

February is arguably one of the best months of the year for streamer fishing Silver Creek. Fish 20" and larger are frequently caught. Keep in mind Silver Creek is only open this time of year from the HWY 20 Bridge downstream. This section closes on March 1st so now is the time.

The water clarity is off a little bit at the moment and will likely continue to stay off color with the super warm weather we have been having. It was about 55 degrees in Picabo yesterday. The lack of water clarity is exactly what we want for good streamer fishing as the fish are far less spooky.

We are offering free access to our private water on Silver Creek with a guided trip through all of February. This water sees very little to no pressure this time of year. This is a great opportunity to catch that elusive monster brown!

A beautiful brown trout caught yesterday (2/5/18) on Silver Creek

John Huber with a bent rod.

John Huber with another nice brown. 2/5/18 

Images: Nick Price

The fishing, especially the nymphing, has also been very productive on the Big Wood River. Our unusually warm weather has been and is continuing to provide some of the best winter fishing we have had in years. High temps over the course of the next week are supposed to be somewhere between 40 and 50 on the Big Wood and will be warmer on Silver Creek in Picabo.