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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

Picabo Angler is a destination: A full-service fly shop & outfitter located on the banks of world-renowned Silver Creek

Sun Valley Fishing Report


Silver Creek

Silver Creek

February is a great month for winter fishing in the Sun Valley / Picabo area. The Midge hatches are still present, the Steamer fishing is still fantastic and the weather is making winter travel easy for now! Take advantage of the conditions and get out on the water. Low pressure should come in this weekend, and with a little snow fall, the fishing should be off the charts good!

Silver Creek is fishing great with Streamers. Duck hunting season has ended and the Creek is really quiet again. It seems the closer you fish to Picabo, the better the fishing. The more turbid the water is and the more cloud cover we have, the better the fishing as well. Picabo Angler does have some rarely fished private water available for a small rod fee if you are feeling extra adventurous. The weekend with the cloud cover should be really good. Remember to fish bright colors on bright days and darker colors on darker days. Be sure to stop by the shop if you come down to fish, our own Christian Reid is tying up some incredible bugs to fish. He can get you fresh patterns and point you toward some great fishing.

The Big Wood should fish well this week as we move into February. It’s time to start looking out for the Little Black Stoneflies as well. You can see these bigger winter / spring bugs running around on the snowy banks on the warmest days. If you see them try imitating them with Price Nymphs or Zug Bugs. Swinging these nymphs close to the bank will produce strikes, as these aquatic insects crawl from the center of the river to the banks to reproduce. If you only see Midges this week, stick with Brassies, Zebra Nymphs and Tie Down Midges. If you see neither insect then try Streamer fishing!

The Lost and the South Fork of the Boise are open and anglers have been sparse on both rivers. The reports are minimal. Watch the weather if you go this weekend. Driving conditions may not be optimal. If you do make it to either river we are using all the same winter patterns that we use on the Big Wood and Silver Creek. The Streamer fishing may not be on par, but the dry fly fishing and the Nymphing should be excellent! No matter where you fish this week, take a friend and be sure to tell someone where you’re going!

Happy Fishing Everyone!