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Brown Drake Update - May 19, 2016

Hello Anglers! 

We went and kicked a few Drake nymphs out of Silver Creek yesterday. Here are some photos of what we saw. We did not find a lot of nymphs in the upper stratus of the mud and gravel, so they are still making their way up. You will see in the pictures that the wing cases are starting to turn dark, although you can also see they are not completely dark. Notice the the top of the wing case, you can see a much more opaque color. 

Now, I can't predict a bugs life to the day, looking at these nymphs I would have to think there is no way these bugs hatch before Opening Day, and it could be as much as a week after or even two. I will try to keep this updated and we will look at the nymph again in a week. Stay tuned! Mother Nature could still surprise us! 

Thanks to Rachel Sayre for taking these splendid images.

Thanks to Rachel Sayre for taking these splendid images.